Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about straight white teeth, with DM Clear Aligners.

How can DM Clear Aligners help your teeth?

Put simply, if you want straighter, whiter teeth, DM Clear Aligners is one of the most effective solutions in the world, at one of the best prices in the world. Leading edge teeth technology includes several sets of tight fitting, custom-produced clear plastic aligners, made of almost invisible, BPA-free plastic which applies subtle pressure to gradually, comfortably shift your teeth into the desired position. The aligner trays are thin, light weight and nearly invisible when worn, so people won't notice you're wearing them.

How do DM Clear Aligners straighten your teeth?

Every DM Clear Aligner set is meticulously designed in a digital clinical process by specially approved dentists and orthodontists in our labs, finely-tuned to make gradual slight corrections to your teeth positioning. The treatment involves using a number of adjusted sets as your teeth progress, so step by step you’ll see your old smile returning.

How are DM Clear Aligners made to match your teeth?

DM Clear Aligners use the very latest in leading edge teeth technology. To begin you’ll have a consultation with one of our approved teeth professionals and a high resolution scan at one of our dental practices. Your digital impression is then uploaded and reviewed for approval by our Dentists (Dr Nick Guthrie & Dr Safa Souzani) and or orthodontist (Dr Geoff Hall) , following which state of the art 3D printing of your new tailor-made DM Clear Aligners commences… as soon as they are ready, your new aligners are shipped to one of our dental practices for fitting and your journey to straighter whiter teeth has begun.

How long does DM Clear Aligner treatment take to fix your teeth?

In teeth terms, it’s fast. To give you an exact time frame we need to see your teeth and check how much treatment is required, however as a general guide the range for treatment is between just 16 and 50 weeks (4 to 12 months).

How much time is there between the 3D scan & your aligners being fitted?

Your custom-made DM Clear Aligners will be ready for fitting approximately 5 weeks from the date of your 3D scan.

How many sets of aligners will I need & how often are they changed?

Depending on how much attention your teeth need, the treatment plan will involve between 8 and 25 different sets of DM Clear Aligners, which you’ll change every two weeks. Every set is individually checked by your approved dentist.

Will your teeth get straighter & whiter with DM Clear Aligners?

For the best possible results from DM Clear Aligners, your teeth should have crowding or spacing no more than 6mm and be rotated no more than 30 degrees. If you’re not sure or don’t know what those terms mean, get in touch with us for a chat.

Are you an ideal candidate for DM Clear Aligners?

If you’ve had braces before but your teeth have moved again, or if you have any kind of moderate alignment or crowding issues in your upper or lower mouth, DM Clear Aligners could be the answer you’ve been waiting for.

Is there an age limit for receiving DM Clear Aligner treatment?

Yes, to receive DM Clear Aligner treatment, you must be between 18 and 60 years old.

What do you need to do for the best possible results?

Your route to whiter, straighter teeth is easy. Simply follow the user-friendly directions by wearing your aligners 22 hours a day, using the Chewies twice a day, and maintaining good oral hygiene. If you do that, DM Clear Aligners will do the rest.

How much will straighter, whiter teeth cost you?

With leading edge teeth technology comes unbeatable low-cost value.

  • Light crowding. For upper & lower teeth the total cost is $2,970, with treatment taking between 3 and 4 months. (Payment plan available)
  • Moderate crowding. For upper & lower teeth the total cost is $4,950, with treatment taking between 4 and 12 months. (Payment plan available)
The fee is all inclusive of your dental exam and X-ray, 3D scan, aligner fitting by our dentist, plus procedures like IPR (creating space by polishing in between your teeth).

What is the difference between “Invisalign” and DM Clear Aligners?

You may have also seen “Invisalign” aligners, which are very similar to DM Clear Aligners (we can offer you both treatments). Invisalign are designed for the back teeth, DM Clear Aligners are much more cost effective to straighten and whiten your front 8 to 10 teeth. (See the chart on our website for more details.)

Why are DM Clear Aligners 30% cheaper than Invisalign & other treatments?

It’s simple, we “cut out the middle man”. Thanks to giant leaps in digital technology and 3D scanning we’re able to manufacture our own Clear Aligners, so instead of being tied to a big corporate company and their high lab fees, we supply straight to you with truly massive savings.

Can you get any discount on the cost of your DM Clear Aligners?

Absolutely, you can get a huge 10% off the published price simply by paying upfront for your treatment.

What is the difference with ‘take home’ aligners like Smile Direct Club?

Beware: So called ‘take home’ aligner products have no dentist supervision, no essential clinical procedures like IPR (space creation through polishing), and no crucial aligner attachments to help successfully management your tooth movement.

Are you guaranteed to get perfectly straight teeth?

Giving you perfectly straight teeth is always our goal and we pride ourselves on our success rate, but it’s impossible to give cast iron guarantees simply because there are crucial aspects to the treatment outside of our control – including your full co-operation by following the treatment guidelines. What we can promise you is our relentless pursuit of perfection in whiter, straighter teeth.

What happens if there’s still more work to do after your treatment?

Around 95% of patients are perfectly happy with the result, but if there is more tooth movement required after the first scheduled treatment, we will perform another 3D scan for free and waive the usual fee for another aligner plan… only charging the new aligner cost of $150 each.

How do I stop my teeth from moving after my DM Clear Aligner treatment?

Easy. You’ll get one of our special Clear Aligner retainers to wear at night and keep the great shape in your teeth.

Does your treatment involve any fixed wire retainers?

No, it does not. DM Clear Aligners are a new class of comfort in teeth straightening treatment.

What happens if you break or lose your DM Clear Aligners?

No hidden fees. The only cost is the replacement of the aligner itself, $150.

Can you get a payment plan for your DM Clear Aligners?

Absolutely, you can choose from two payment plan options:

  1. Via our finance partner Certegy Ezipay, with 10% deposit and weekly payments from $45 per week.
  2. Direct with us on our in-house direct debit plan, no deposit and weekly payments at $99 per week. (continuing treatment depends on timely payments being made)

Do you qualify for a DM Clear Aligner payment plan?

If you are an Australian resident, with a drivers licence and you’re working at least 25 hours a week, then yes! Simply ask about our payment plans when you get in touch, it’s really easy.

Can you start your DM Clear Aligner treatment straight away?

Yes, it’s really simple to get started. As soon as you’ve had an oral examination by our dentists, to ensure your teeth and gums are in good enough health, we can begin.

How do you get started on your journey to straighter teeth?

Find “Dental Members Australia” on Facebook, email us on or call our Help Desk direct on 1300 787 356.

Where are your nearest approved DM Clear Aligner dentists?

Level 8, 183 Macquarie Street NSW 2000
Phone: 02 9188 8707

Unit 6, 31 Springfield Lakes Blvd QLD 4300
Phone: 07 33381 8888

Level 2, 25 King William Street SA 5000
Phone: 08 8212 3247

Sunshine Coast
31 Plaza Parade, Maroochydore QLD 4558
Phone: 07 5479 4499

DM Aligner Light:

$2,970 Total Payment. Payments Plan available. *
*Registraion fees apply depending on payment plan method

DMA Payment Plans from $49/wk

DM Aligner Moderate:

$4,950 Total Payment. Payments Plan available. *
*Registraion fees apply depending on payment plan method

DMA Payment Plans from $49/wk

Upgrading from DM Aligner Light to DM Aligner Moderate

Upgrading from DM Aligner Light to a DM Aligner Attach will incur a further $400 for attachments + IPR* payable to DMA

What happens if I have private health insurance?

Insurance Item codes = 825 x 2 and this covers the full course of treatment and also the retainers at the end of treatment.

We will provide you with a health fund letter at the commencement of treatment If you have paid in full. You can claim immediately if you have the statement to prove payment has been made. If you are on a payment plan you can still take the letter to the health fund and if you have paid a deposit you can claim on that.

The letter will also state the treatment time and total amount. At the conclusion of treatment you will take your statement to the fund and receive the final payment from your fund.

Keep in mind that health funds generally pay a maximum of around $800 per year for 3 years for orthodontics and a lifetime amount of around $2400. This may vary if treated by our general dentist.

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