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What are DM Clear Aligners?

DMA Clear Aligner Therapy includes several sets of tight fitting, custom made clear plastic aligners made of invisible, BPA-free plastic aligners that apply subtle pressure to gradually shift your teeth into the desired position. The trays are thin, light weight and nearly invisible when worn; many people won't know you're wearing them.

How do DM Clear Aligners straighten teeth?

Our clear aligners come in multiple sets. Each aligner makes a slight adjustment to your teeth positioning, a process that is both clinically and digitally designed by a DMA approved Clear Aligner dentists and on site orthodontists in our labs. Each set of clear aligners, advances you to the next stage of teeth straightening and a new smile.

How are DM Clear Aligners made?

Our DM aligner process commences with a professional intraoral consult and scan at one of our Scanning centers. Extremely accurate and high resolution scans of your teeth are taken by a DMA certified nurse. We then upload your digital impression imagery through our web portal. Your individual digital treatment plan design is created and available for our Orthodontist final review and approval. Your individual DMA 3D Clear Aligner print production commences. Shipping and delivery is then organised for your sets of tailor made 3D digitally designed aligner trays to arrive in sequence as prescribed for collection. Your treatment journey commences.

How long does DM Clear Aligner treatment take?

It depends on how crowded or how much improvement you need for straightening your front teeth. DM Clear Aligner treatment takes between 8-25 fortnights (4-12 months).

How many aligners will I need and at what intervals?

You will need 8 to 25 New Clear Aligners depending on your treatment plan. Clear Aligners are ready for collection every 12 weeks.

What requirements must I meet to gain final approval for DMA Clear Aligner Treatment?

Ideally for effective results, DMA recommends teeth crowding or spacing Maximum no more than 6mm and teeth rotated no more than 30 degrees

What to do as a patient for best results?

The success of treatment depends on your cooperation and compliance in maintaining good oral hygiene, and wearing your aligners as instructed by DMA - 22 hours per day.

Who are ideal DM Clear Aligner Patients?

Ideal patients are those that have had braces previously who’s teeth have moved or patients with moderate alignment issues involving the upper and/or lower front teeth

How old do I have to be to qualify for DMA Clear Aligner Treatment?

18 to 60 years of age.

DM Aligner Light:

$2,970 Total Payment. Payments Plan available. *
*Registraion fees apply depending on payment plan method

DMA Payment Plans $99/wk + Deposit

DM Aligner Moderate:

$4,500 Total Payment. Payments Plan available. *
*Registraion fees apply depending on payment plan method

DMA Payment Plans $99/wk + Deposit

Upgrading from DM Aligner Light to DM Aligner Moderate

Upgrading from DM Aligner Light to a DM Aligner Attach will incur a further $400 for attachments + IPR* payable to DMA

What happens if I have private health insurance?

Insurance Item codes = 825 x 2 and this covers the full course of treatment and also the retainers at the end of treatment.

We will provide you with a health fund letter at the commencement of treatment If you have paid in full. You can claim immediately if you have the statement to prove payment has been made. If you are on a payment plan you can still take the letter to the health fund and if you have paid a deposit you can claim on that.

The letter will also state the treatment time and total amount. At the conclusion of treatment you will take your statement to the fund and receive the final payment from your fund.

Keep in mind that health funds generally pay a maximum of around $800 per year for 3 years for orthodontics and a lifetime amount of around $2400. This may vary if treated by our general dentist.

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