The Process

please feel free to call us if you have any questions

Patient Process:

Step 1 

Contact us by filling out the "Lets Get Started Form".

Step 2 

To save you a dental visit we will ask for couple of photos of your teeth. Dr Safa Souzani will review every photo and will inform the help desk about your case and which plan potentially will suit you best.

Step 3

After the review of your dental photo – we will call you make an appointment.

We can Pre-approve you over the phone for our Humm No interest, No deposit payment plan by:
1) Asking for your Drivers Licence
2) Asking if you work 25+ hours a week
3) Checking to see if you are an Australian resident

Patients that want to pay upfront without using a payment plan receive a 10% discount.

You’re all set: Note no payments will start until your 3D scan is taken and approved.

Step 4

We will organise an appointment for you with our dentists in Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, or Sunshine Coast.

3D Scanning & seeing a dentist:

Visiting our dentists: Full Comprehensive Dental Exam / X-rays and a 3D Scan of your teeth.

Informed Consent forms signed and a full discussion with your dentist.

Your Digital 3D Scan:

Every 3D Scan is reviewed by either Dr Safa Souzani or Dr Nick Guthrie and a full treatment is planned. Every case is individually planned as to where we should place your attachments – How many aligners and where we should create space to enable ideal movement.

Patients not approved:

If you are not suitable for DM Clear Aligner Treatment after your 3D scan, any one-time full upfront payments or Deposits will be refunded.

For severe crowding and dental overbite and under bite a specialist referral might be required

Patients approved:

Your Aligners and attachments will be fitted (Appointment time 60-90 min)

Review appointments:

Every 10-12 weeks

1300 787 356