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Dental Members Australia Clear Aligner Technology Terms & Conditions

1. DMA packages are only available through DMA Help Desk Representatives

2. All treatment will be provided by our selected DMA partner Dentists, Hygienists and nurses where appropriate

DMA Clear Aligner Pricing:

3a. Option 1 Upon Approval:

DM Aligner Light - $2,970 Total Payment. (10% discount for upfront payments or $99/week, No Interest, No Deposit).

3b. Option 2 Upon Approval:

DM Aligner Moderate - $4,950 Total Payment. (10% discount for upfront payments or $99/week, No Interest, No Deposit).

4. I consent to DM that upon successful completion of my 3D scan, I am bound to the agreed full fee schedule of payment/s being $4,950 for moderate aligner treatment and $2,970 for light aligner treatment

5. Please be advised that for any additional treatment that exceeds the value of the clear aligner treatment, the difference in dollar value is payable on the day of treatment at the participating DMA dental practice

6. The practice usual fees applies for general dental treatment such as fillings and scale & clean

7. If you are not suitable for DM Clear Aligner Treatment after your 3D scan, any one-time full upfront payments or Deposits will be refunded.

8. If any additional refinement scanning is required a $295 fee is payable directly to Dental Members Australia

9. Upgrading from DM Aligner Light to a DM Aligner Moderate will incur a further $400 for attachments + IPR * payable to DMA

10. Any additional Aligner/Retainer trays will incur a $150 fee payable to DMA per tray
*IPR - Interproximal reduction is polishing between the teeth and is performed by hand using flexible diamond coated strips that are worked back and forth to gain minimal space allowing your teeth to move.  Your teeth will remain healthy and sound.

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