The Process

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Patient Process:

Step 1 

Join DMA Clear Aligner Payment Plan

Step 2 

Visit DMA Scanning location

Scanning appointment: 

Patient Informed Consent signed at the scanning location (scanned and uploaded into dental Digital Management software for orthodontist review) + Set up patient on ‘Dental Monitoring Application’

Digital Scan :

Reviewed by DMA approved orthodontist and ready for collection within 5 weeks.

Patients not approved: 

If you are not suitable for DM Clear Aligner Treatment after your 3D scan, any one-time full upfront payments or Deposits will be refunded.

For severe crowding and dental overbite and underbite please see an orthodontist.

Patients approved:

Patient fitting and pickup within 4 to 5 weeks. Patient collects set of Aligners every 12 weeks.

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Let's Get Started

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