It’s all about care

A few innovative dentists, a heartfelt desire to make quality dentistry affordable to all, an inspired idea – and DMA was born.

A membership payment plan for dentists and patients alike

Reduced costs

Better care

Pay in instalments

DMA is changing the face of dentistry in Australia

Quality dental care is vital for health and well-being – and for the confidence of a beautiful smile too. But not many people find it easy to afford, even with help from health insurance.

The dentists behind Dental Members Australia (DMA) believe that every Australian deserves the best dental care and they have set out to make it affordable.

DMA started in 2011 and is growing fast through partnerships with selected dentists. We are signing up new dentists in new areas every month. Be part of the revolution in dental payment.


If your friends might be interested in affordable payment plans for dental care, please let them know about DMA. They’ll thank you and we will too.