DMA Dental Packages FAQs

Here are answers to some of the questions we’re asked most often. If the answer you need isn’t here, please contact us or speak to a DMA member dentist.

Dental Packages

It is a special payment plan that allows you to spread the cost of dental treatment by paying $49-$99 per week. It also gives you a generous saving on the total cost. Once your DMA Dental Package is approved the Contact Centre will notify you how to activate your voucher
You can use your voucher for any dental treatment that you need, including cosmetic dentistry, as long as your DMA dentist can complete the treatment without referring you to another specialist.
The minimum package is $1000 and the maximum is $5000. Packages are in multiples of $1000 - so the other choices are $2000, $3000 and $4000.
You can either choose the lower amount and pay the difference yourself or you can get a package for a higher amount and use the additional credit later.
Your account will remain in credit at the practice and you can use that credit at the same dentist whenever you next need dental work.
You can increase the value of your voucher by calling DMA on 1300 787 356. Increases are in multiples of $1000 like the original package.
You can apply online here or call 1300 787 356
Yes, if you need additional treatment, you can add another package.
After two successful payments ($99/week) your dental work can start. You will need to book an appointment at the Dental Practice completing your treatment.
Your dental treatment will be spread across the term of your package as agreed with your dentist after your initial consultation.
DMA contact centre will ask for your bank account or credit card details and will set you up on a weekly direct debit payment.


You save up to 10.9% so the higher the value of the package, the more you save (This applies only to the $99/week vouchers - and not the Dental Capped Fee Vouchers ):
On a $1000 package you save $109. (You pay $99/week for 9 weeks.)
On a $2000 package you save $218. (You pay $99/week for 18 weeks.)
On a $3000 package you save $327. (You pay $99/week for 27 weeks.)
On a $5000 package you save $545. (You pay $99/week for 45 weeks.)

Package Fees

You simply pay a one-off $38 registration fee.
If you pay your direct debits by credit card, there is a 1.9% credit surcharge.
No. As long as your credit card or bank honours the initial direct debits, you will qualify for a DMA Dental Package.
You will be charged a dishonour fee of $30 and you will need to pay the missed payment at the practice to avoid further charges.

Private Insurance

Your private health insurance may cover a percentage of your treatment. You can then use your DMA voucher to cover the remaining amount (known as the gap fee) – up to the value of your voucher.

DMA Partner Dental Practices

Yes. You can nominate a dentist near your home or work from any of the participating DMA practices – for a list see our find a dentist page.
Please call your chosen dental practice to book your first appointment after you have made two successful $99/week payments. Let them know that you will be using your DMA voucher.

About DMA

No. DMA is a membership organisation that helps make dental treatment more affordable by offering payment plans.
A limited number of dentists are DMA partners. We select partners in each region that offer high standards of care and want to be part of our network. Partner practices pay a commission fee when we refer a patient.
Please fill in the contact us form or call us on 1300 787 356.