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Dental Members Australia understands that communities lie at the heart of every successful dental practice. And a large, active community of patients translates into higher patient loyalty. To help you find information quickly, we have developed a list of Frequently Asked Questions. Naturally, if you require more information, please do not hesitate to contact us on 1300 787 356 or email us

DMA manages the direct debits from patient accounts, and tracks all payments, patients and direct debit membership fees.

DMA's patient-side marketing provides a comprehensive website, patient information brochures in A5 and DL, in-practice posters that explain membership benefits, and DDR Forms coded and personalised with each dental practice's details.

If required, DMA also helps practices use the DMA network and software.

Yes, once a patient signs the Direct Debit Request (DDR) the form acts as a contract and gives DMA access to the patient’s account. No credit checks are required.

We don't want to intervene in the payment arrangements established between you and your patient. We'd rather give you the flexibility of nominating collection of your patients payments. We have invested heavily to ensure the confidentiality and privacy of your dental clinics patient information.

  1. Dental items can be claimed as they are completed on HICAPS and added as a deposit on the DMA software, this will reduce the weekly payments immediately for the patient.
  2. After the completion of the dental treatment and payment plan by providing a tax invoice to your patients they can claim their lump sum payment from their insurer provided they are covered.

Patients with insurance can join your practice Care Plan and receive a Tax invoice at the end of the 12 months to claim their lump sum payment. Or alternatively the Treatment Plan can be recommended only for patients with insurance to spread the gap payments.

Patient Benefits:
Priority emergency appointment
Access to interest-free payment plans with the Treatment Membership Plan.
Reduced Member fees
Dentist Benefits:
Higher patient Loyalty
Increased in Ideal dental treatment plan acceptance with the Treatment Membership Plan.

Once we collect your patient's payments, DMA will deposit these directly into an account of your choice on the first and third Monday of each month. The reports tab on the DMA application software details each payment and the associated patient, easily integrating into clinic records.

Once set up DMA does not charge a percentage of the treatment plan cost like other Payment Plan solutions. The only charge is a set fee of $22 for each patient set up. This fee remains the same even for treatments valued in the thousands. The setup fee for each patient is debited on the same day the first payment is made into the dental practice account.

By submitting an application form to DMA to become a member in your area. Once received and assessed you will receive an information pack and a username/password to access our cloud computing dental payment plan software. DMA wishes to have one dental practice in each two suburb localities in Australia to maintain competitive advantage for DMA member dental practices.

DMA has no influence on your practice fees. DMA wishes to enhance reputable dental practices to maintain their dominance in Australia. Allowing dental practices to choose and take control of their business.

When due to insufficient funds patients will be charged a dishonour fee by their bank and DMA. While the dental practice is ultimately responsible for the debt, we have developed a debt recovery procedure to help you against defaults. The majority of patients meet their obligations however in the rare case a payment continues to default then you can follow a debt recovery procedure. Initially an automated email will indicate the first failed payment immediately to you once it occurs so that you can stop dental treatment and contact your patient to either option 1: organise a catch up payment at the practice and if you wish re-negotiate end date to reduce weekly payment amount.

DMA specifically designed web based software automates all your patient payment plans. It gives your practice total control of your patients weekly or monthly payments. Dental practices and dentists can access their DMA profile at any time, from anywhere, to review patient numbers, and to view the direct debits deposited into their bank account.

Patient can cancel their direct debit instruction at any time via your DMA-integrated website at your practice, or contact you, or cancel with their bank. Cancellations are only accepted when authorised by you and when patients fill out the DMA cancellation form . In cases where dental treatment is completed, for patients to cancel they will have to pay the pro-rata remaining amount of the completed dental work.

There is no charge for the software. Set up with DMA for each dental practice is varied depending on the level of marketing and collateral provided by DMA, please refer to the DMA partnering practice Selection Form. Dentists pay only a $22 registration fee for each patient set up once a payment plan is activate and once each year for the ongoing practice Care Plan. Patients registration fee is non refundable $28.

Any of the following web browsers work with DMA: Internet Explorer 8 or later (PC), Firefox 2 or later (Mac, PC or Linux), Safari 5 or later (Mac, PC or Linux).

DMA is a payment plan, it’s not finance or insurance. Because it’s an agreement between your patients and their direct debit facilitator your patients don’t have to endure the hassle of a credit check. And you don’t lose a big cut to a finance company.

Unlike other payment plan solutions, DMA doesn’t charge a percentage of the treatment plan cost. The only charge is a set fee of $22 per patient which remains the same no matter what the cost of treatment.

DMA offers comprehensive support through our unique online software platform. It was developed by dentists, for dentists, and created a model upon which to build a sustainable passive income and increased acceptance of recommended treatment plans.

Our work with the best available branding specialists has created a suite of highly effective, professional marketing material that promotes the inherent integrity and trust of both DMA and the dental profession.

Dental practices can add patient memberships and create specific dental payment plans. Each individual dental practice sets all dental member fees with ADA Dental item codes. The DMA software allows easy tracking of memberships, direct debit payments and dental procedures completed by different providers within a single clinic. Practices can also incorporate insurance payments, which automatically updates patient direct debits. Dental practices and dentists can access their DMA profile at any time, from anywhere, to review patient numbers, and to view the two monthly direct debits deposited into their bank account. It is similar to online banking software but dental specific.