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Jackie: Qualified Life Coach DMA Contact Centre Representative

People often ask me on the phone, “What do you get out of doing these dental vouchers?” The professional response is that Dental Members Australia receive a commission for connecting the patient to the dentist, the dentist gains a new patient and the patient gets their much needed dental treatment.

However the personal response is so much more than that.I more…

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Let’s explore the scientific findings …

It takes just one-tenth of a second for us to judge someone and make a first impression. Not only are people quick to form first impressions, they are also fairly accurate when the person presents him or herself genuinely. Individuals are also fairly reliable at understanding the first impression that he/she will project to others.

Willis and Todorov in 2006 at Princeton University found that more…
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A mother of four, quite distraught, entered the dental practice I work within. One of her children, her little princess, needed quite a substantial amount of dental treatment done. Her beautiful little girl was in pain!

The mother had enquired through the public system, but unfortunately there was a very long waiting list, as she didn’t have a health care card. more…

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You’ve probably heard the famous Emerson quote (actually a misquote) “If you build a better mousetrap, the world will beat a path to your door”. It tells us that somehow the world found out about better mousetraps (or candles or books or chairs) even before the days of TV advertising, Twitter and viral videos!

Something similar has been happening for Dental Members Australia (DMA) with news more…

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December 2013 has resulted in a busy end to the Calendar year for Dental Members Australia. A final Launch in Sydney on our national roll out tour witnessed another Evening of DMA Education with our “Connecting Communities” Seminar, (Photo Below). Many leading Sydney practices and groups attended the presentation and an enjoyable and insightful evening was had by all through gathered feedback.

The DMA Team looks forward to more…

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Another successful DMA Australian Capital City launch in Melbourne to complete the month of October 2013. Strong attendance from some of Melbourne’s premier dental practice owner/operators made the evening enjoyable and very interactive. (see photo below) The concept of in-house Membership Loyalty programs in combination with a state of the art ‘cloud’ technology platform is penetrating the Australian Dental more…

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In September we presented the DMA IT infrastructure and the concept of membership loyalty programs designed for dentists and patients. Over 35 practice owners from all around Adelaide attended. We now have a practice in central Adelaide that is offering their patients the DMA Dental Care Plan at $1/day as well the DMA Treatment Plan to help spread the cost of dental work. This is great!
We're excited and are now more…

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Very few people enjoy going to dentist and having to pay for the privilege makes it pretty much a lose-lose scenario for the patient. And if the patient is unhappy, the dentist is likely to lose out too.

Very few people enjoy going to dentist and having to pay for the privilege makes it pretty much a lose-lose scenario for the patient. And if the patient is unhappy, the dentist is likely to lose out too.

In my more…

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Nothing but SMILES! Connecting with the 1300SMILES Carindale Team!

At DMA we believe nothing is neutral and everything counts! We believe that we are either moving closer to connecting with our respective communities OR pushing them further away! Whether you like it or not, your future is a reflection of your behavior, your design and your decisions, yet determined by many others. These 'many others' are the consumers of your more…

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Our team chatting at the dental congress April 2013.

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