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What is a DMA Dental Package:

It is a special payment plan that allows you to spread the cost of dental treatment by paying $49-$118 per week. It's not a loan so therefore there is no interest.

A DMA Dental Package consists of 5 Vouchers. The minimum DMA Voucher is $2000 and the maximum is $20000.

$6,000 DMA Dental Voucher Example - $59/week.

$2,000 DMA Dental Voucher Example - $39/week.

The photo below is a photo of a real patient (32 year old male from Brisbane- Australia) who presented to one of our partner practices with a $2,000 DMA Dental Voucher. He paid $59 per week for 32 weeks to complete treatment.


Composite Filings: (DMA Dentist quoted $450/tooth for the top 7 teeth) .

Gum Disease treatment: Initial evaluation and thorough dental cleaning. ($350)

Total cost of the treating the upper seven teeth and gums using the DMA Voucher was $6,000 or $59/per week.

If you would like us to contact you to discuss the best DMA dental voucher for your needs please fill in the form below:

$49-$99/week Dental Packages.

Choose a dental voucher and enter your details below. If these Packages don't suit you, don't worry we can tailor one just for you.


dental voucher

5 x White Fillings

Save $100

$99/week for 9 payments


dental voucher

1 x Denture

8 x Extractions

Save $300

$99/week for 27 payments


dental voucher

1 x Root Canal

2 x Crowns

5 x White Fillings

2 x Extractions

Save $500

$99/week for 45 payments

Excludes one-off registration fee, see terms and conditions below for more information.

How DMA Voucher works

  • Enter your details above
  • A DMA representative will call you
  • No credit checks
  • Pay just $28 one-off joining fee up front
  • Choose $1000 to $5000 packages
  • Pay interest-free, weekly payments (Bank Account details required)

$5,000 DMA Dental Voucher (you save $500)

Normal value of treatment Package discount You save You pay only
$5,000 10% $500 $4,500
On treatment day you pay $0
Plus 45 weekly payments of $99

Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions applies to all Dental Vouchers.

  1. DMA packages are only available through DMA call center representatives and online purchases
  2. All treatment will be provided by our selected DMA partner Dentists or Hygienists where appropriate
  3. A $28 initial one off registration fee is payable upon joining
  4. DMA vouchers can be used to pay gap payments for health fund members to the value of the voucher
  5. Please be advised that for treatment that exceeds the value of the voucher the difference in dollar value is payable on the day of treatment at the practice.
  6. Further Care Plan Discounts don't apply to the voucher
  7. The practice usual fees applies to the value of the voucher not the Care Plan fees schedule
  8. A $10 fee will be payable on missed direct debit payments which are not paid within 5 days to the practice
  9. There are no lock in contracts and if the total amount of voucher value is not used it will remain in credit until used
  10. Funds are not refunded unless there has been no dental treatment started
  11. You can start your dental treatment after the successful payment of $198
  12. Treatment will be spread across the term of your package as agreed with your dental practitioner
  13. Direct Debit Payments must be up to date for scheduled appointments to proceed

$49-$99 a week Dental Packages. No Credit Check. No Interest. Savings of up to $500. To purchase a DMA voucher call us on 1300 787 356.


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