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What is a DMA Dental Package:

It is a special payment plan that allows you to spread the cost of dental treatment by paying $39 to $118 per week. There is no interest and no deposit on some of the plans.

DMA Dental Packages.

Choose a dental payment voucher and enter your details below.

$2000 to $6000

Silver and Gold

for $39 to $59/wk

No waiting period

No deposit

Drivers License and Payslip required

Working 25+ hours per week

Humm VIP customers instant approval



for $250/month

No waiting period

20% deposit spread across treatment time

Drivers License and Payslip required

Working part time or full time

Instant approval


DMA Layby

for $60/wk x 100 weeks

70 week waiting period

No deposit

No intersest

$400 free voucher to see dentist

Instant approval

No credit checks

Excludes one-off registration fee, see terms and conditions below for more information.

    Dental Package Capped Fees

    1. Full Comprehensive Dental Exam / X-rays $150
    2. Standard Scale and Clean - $185
    3. White fillings all sizes $220
    4. Dentures 4-5 appointments $1500-$2300
    5. Porcelain Crowns $1350 - $1650/tooth
    6. Root Canal Treatment $700 to $1400/tooth
    7. Standard Extraction from $195/tooth

    Terms & Conditions

    The following terms and conditions applies to all DMA $59/week Layby Packages.

    1. DMA Layby packages are only available through DMA call center representatives and online purchases
    2. All treatment will be provided by our selected DMA partner Dentists or Hygienists where appropriate
    3. A $38 initial one off registration fee is payable upon joining
    4. Layby can be used to pay gap payments for health fund members to the value of the voucher
    5. Please be advised that for treatment that exceeds the value of the Layby the difference in dollar value is payable on the at the dental practice.
    6. Further Care Plan Discounts don't apply to the Package
    7. The practice usual fees applies to the value of the Layby not the Care Plan fees schedule
    8. A $5 fee will be payable on missed direct debit payments which are not paid within 10 days to the practice
    9. There are no lock in contracts and if the total amount of Layby value is not used it will remain in credit until used
    10. Funds are not refunded unless there has been no dental treatment started
    11. You can use your free $400 voucher after the successful payment of $118
    12. Treatment will start after 70 successful weekly payments or as agreed with your dental practitioner
    13. Direct Debit Payments must be up to date for scheduled appointments to proceed
    14. Capped Fee Pricing only available at select DMA partner dental practices

    Waiting Periods DMA $59/week Layby Packages only

    1. Minor Dental: Free $400 voucher after the second successful payment. Voucher for a full exam X-ray and exact quote at the time of the exam.
    2. All Dental: (Crowns – Veneers – Surgical Extractions - Dentures - Fillings) 70 weeks. Each extra deposit of $59 will reduce waiting period by one week

    Financial Hardship

    1. Considering the current environment, Dental Members Australia is doing all it can to assist our patients to afford the dental care they need. If you find yourself experiencing financial hardship, you must email and our head office will call you
    2. Failing to contact Dental members Australia or providing false or misleading information will result in cancellation of treatment and formal debt collection with all costs passed on to the patient

$39-$59 a week Dental Packages. No Interest. Capped Dental Fees. To purchase a DMA Package call 0481 359 189 or 0483 893 279


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