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Dental Care Without Judgment:

Access to dental care is often overlooked when it comes to healthcare costs. In Australia, most people pay for their dental care out of their pockets causing financial barriers for people on low incomes.

At Our Dental Clinics, we understand the financial burden that dental care presents to many Australians, which is why we provide affordable payment plans. We have been offering flexible payment plans for over ten years, ensuring our patients can access necessary dental care.

1) External Payment Plan Providers:

We offer the option to utilise external payment plan providers. Keep in mind that these providers charge merchant fees to us. Most require no deposit, and some offer interest-free plans. These plans typically require good credit history. They are well-suited for patients seeking treatment up to $10,000. Quick pre-approval can be obtained through the provided link, or you can provide your information for us to reach out to you.

2) DMA - No Credit - Small Deposit Plan:

However, if patients cannot entirely fulfill these criteria, the DMA20 Payment Plan offers an alternative. The DMA20 Plan requires only a valid form of identification and being employed, allowing patients instant access to treatment after two successful payments. During each visit, patients pay a 20% to 50% deposit at each scheduled visit, and we proceed with the necessary treatment.

Pre-approval Over the Phone:

Choose a dental Package and enter your details below.



for $39/week

No waiting period

No deposit for Humm

Drivers License required

Working 25+ hours per week

Humm VIP customers instant approval



for $60/week

No waiting period

No deposit for Humm

ID required

Working part time or full time

Instant approval for DMA plan


DMA Humm

for $600/month

No waiting period

No deposit Humm

20% at each appointment for DMA

24 months @ $600/month

Great for patients needing missing teeth replaced

Excludes one-off registration fee, see terms and conditions below for more information.

    Dental Package Capped Fees

    1. Full Comprehensive Dental Exam / X-rays $150
    2. Standard Scale and Clean - $185
    3. White fillings all sizes $190-$280
    4. Dentures 4-5 appointments $1500-$2300
    5. Porcelain Crowns $1350 - $1750/tooth
    6. Root Canal Treatment $700 to $1600/tooth
    7. Extraction from $195/tooth to $550 for surgical Extraction
    8. 2 x implants supporting a loose Denture $10,000 to $12,000 per arch
    9. All-On-X 4 to 6 implants with a titianum base and Zirconia fixed Bridge $25,000 to $35,000 per arch

    Terms & Conditions

    The following terms and conditions applies to all DMA Packages.

    1. DMA packages are only available through DMA call center representatives and online purchases
    2. All treatment will be provided by our selected DMA partner Dentists or Hygienists where appropriate
    3. A $58 initial one off registration fee is payable upon joining
    4. Packages can be used to pay gap payments for health fund members to the value of the voucher
    5. Please be advised that for treatment that exceeds the value of the Package the difference in dollar value is payable on the at the dental practice.
    6. Further Care Plan Discounts don't apply to the Package
    7. The practice usual fees applies to the value of the Package not the Care Plan fees schedule
    8. A $5-$15 fee will be payable on missed direct debit payments which are not paid within 10 days to the practice
    9. There are no lock in contracts and if the total amount of Package value is not used it will remain in credit until used, your Package will be with our plan provider Humm
    10. Funds are not refunded unless there has been no dental treatment started
    11. Treatment can start immediately or as agreed with your dental practitioner
    12. Direct Debit Payments must be up to date for scheduled appointments to proceed
    13. Capped Fee Pricing only available at select DMA partner dental practices

    No Waiting Periods

    1. We genuinely care about the health and well-being of our patients.

    2. Two Plans Summary:

      1. Extrnal Package Plan providers may not be suitable for everyone, especially those who do not meet the eligibility criteria or have had a poor credit history. In such cases, we offer an excellent alternative—the Dental Members Australia (DMA20) Payment Plan. The plan is an interest-free, manageable weekly payment plan that allows you to access dental care straight away without a credit check.
      2. When you register for the DMA20 Payment Plan, you will pay a registration fee of $58, and upon consultation with your dentist, they will give you an exact quote of the treatment's cost. Let's say you need a series of appointments valued at $1,000 each. In such cases, we require only a $200 deposit to get started. From there, we can arrange for easy weekly direct debits for a convenient and accessible payment plan suitable for your needs. At Our Dental Clinic, we believe in offering our patients affordable and transparent payment options suitable for everyone, ensuring dental care is accessible to all.

      Text us at 0481 359 189 to chat with our consultants and pre-approve your payment plan. Our team is dedicated to providing personalized and hassle-free payment options to suit your dental care needs.

      Your personal information may be shared with third parties for the provision of financial services, if and to the extent that customers choose to use such services..


$39-$59 a week Dental Packages. No Interest. Capped Dental Fees. To purchase a DMA Package call 0421 414 766


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