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Here are answers to some of the questions we’re asked most often. If the answer you need isn’t here, please contact us or speak to a DMA member dentist.


It provides discounted preventive treatment every six months to ensure that your oral health remains optimal.
Any treatment required can be identified early to prevent extensive future treatments.
The facility to pay in small direct debit payments means no large bills at each appointment.
It provides you with a 10% discount on any further treatment required.
You may choose to see different dentists/hygienists within your practice.
Your membership is only valid with the practice you join.
All of your preventive treatment is covered. This includes 2 examinations, 2 x-rays, 2 cleans and 2 fluoride treatments per year. You will also receive 10% discount off any other required treatment.

Fees Explained

There are no interest charges for the Care Plan or the Treatment Plan.
There is an initial $38 registration fee to set up your Care Plan or Treatment Plan. After this initial payment you pay only the payments for your dental treatment.
Your dental practice receives your membership payments to cover the cost of your two examinations, two cleans, two x-rays and two fluoride treatments per year.
DMA receive your one off $28 registration fee to set up and facilitate your plan and direct debit payments.
Each partnering practice has a set monthly/fortnightly membership fee to cover all your preventive treatment. To see monthly/fortnightly fees please see ‘A list of DMA dentists’.


Your private health insurance card can be swiped through the hicaps machine at the end of each appointment. The amount covered is then subtracted from your treatment plan to automatically reduce your direct debit payments.
Yes. At the end of each financial year DMA will provide you with an invoice of all membership payments made which you can provide to your private health insurance and claim entitled benefits in one lump sum payment.

As treatment prices for members are discounted, the overall gap payment for the year is significantly reduced.

Changing Practices

If you need to change practices, fill out a cancellation form and give it to your current dentist. Any outstanding fees will need to be finalised at this time. You can then search our ‘List of DMA Dentists’ on the DMA website to find the closest practice to your new location and give them a call, email or visit to let them know you would like to join their Care Plan.

Changing Details

To update any personal or payment details such as your name, address, bank account or credit card, please call your practice and the staff can quickly and easily update these details.
You can update bank details or credit card details, but you cannot change from one to the other.

Cancelling a Plan

You can call your dental practice and advise them that you would like to cancel your plan. They will provide you with a cancellation form to sign and your plan will be cancelled immediately. Please note that 14 days notice is required to cancel a plan.

Payment Options

You can choose for payments to be direct debited out of a bank account or from a debit or credit card.
Depending on the treatment you require, you and your treating dentist will decide an appropriate length of time.
Yes, at any stage throughout your Treatment Plan you can choose to pay it out in a lump sum.

Care Plan Enquiries

If you believe that you have been incorrectly charged please contact your member practice and provide the relevant bank/ statement details. They will then contact DMA if they are unable to resolve the issue.
All calls relating to your plan should be directed to your member practice.
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