From routine to extensive dental care

Dental Members Australia giving dental practices the ability to provide the highest standard of care for their patients with two payment plan options.

1. DMA Care Plan (Help your patients afford routine care)

This preventive care plan enables your practice to set an ongoing monthly or fortnightly fee for your patients to cover a number of dental exams, dental x-rays, hygiene visits and preventive advice over a 12 month period. Similar to a gym membership, it also works in conjunction with private insurance.

Benefits of DMA Care Plan:
  • Establishes a reliable monthly income
  • Encourages patients to attend regularly
  • Creates a loyal patient base
  • Maintains future patient loyalty
  • Allows patients to budget for their routine oral care
  • Allows dentists to focus on prevention
  • Establishes a genuine point of difference in the care your provide
  • Provides freedom to set up your private treatment fee

2. DMA Treatment Plan (Help your patients afford extensive treatment)

DMA Treatment Plan enables you to offer interest-free payment plans to your patients, allowing them to spread the cost of cosmetic or high value dental treatments (from $500 to $10,000) over an agreed number of weeks.

Benefits of DMA Treatment Plan:
  • It's easy to set up on the DMA application software (Cloud software set-up fee $6500)
  • Your patients can access a wider choice of dental treatments from you
  • Will allow you to offer the ideal dental treatment for your patients (Integrated with D4W and Praktika)
  • Patients who could not normally afford to complete dental treatment now can (set-up direct debit payments with dental item codes in minutes)
  • Allows patients to pay in weekly instalment for extensive dental treatments (Gain access to patient bank account via DMA platform)
  • Increases practice revenue because treatment acceptance improves dramatically

Our dental practice software "Practice Works" identified $1.9 million of unfinished/unscheduled dental treatment over a two-year period. This large amount of outstanding dental work inspired introducing a dental payment plan system that encouraged patients to complete their treatment.

The DMA Treatment Membership Plan was encouraged with posting of provided DL brochures and template letters to existing patients. This enhanced our treatment acceptance by allowing patients to pay through easy, weekly direct debit.

We can provide high standard of dentistry to a majority of our patients and set our private fees to be able to give patients the time and care that is important to build a strong business with loyal patients.

The DMA dental payment plan software organizes the regular payments creating your own in-house payment plan.

Dental practice Springfield Lakes QLD
Patients on DMA Care Plan 520 patients at $25/month
Income $156,000/year ongoing from DMA Care Plan
Billing Per Hour $450 based on 20min recall visites
Income $5350/week from DMA Treatment Plan
Dentists 4

A typical treatment plan of $1,800 spread over 12 weeks, with a $300 deposit, equates to $125 per week. The patient can budget, pays no interest and completes all restorative work, which means no costly surprises, emergency RCT or extraction. It's a win-win for patients and the dental practice.

The DMA Application software can be tailored to different associates at the same practice. This allows us to calculate different associate fees if different dentists at the same practice both perform part of a treatment plan.

As work is completed, dentists can mark off treatments in the software. The initials of the different associates indicate which dentist has completed which procedure or item.

We can print payment schedule and save quotes on the DMA application software, which allows patients to think over the whole process before committing.

The bottom line: patients can now complete dental work where previously it would not have been possible.

We encourage you to order a Dentist Information Pack and browse the Frequently Asked Questions and Testimonials to learn more about DMA services to help you decide if it suits your practice to Join DMA