Dentist registeration 2021

Partner with us and use our Dental facilities to see patients that have signed up to our DMA Dental Plans.
I would like to partner with Dental Members Australia and treat patients that need dental care and our using the Dental Payment Plan Packages.

Your own practice Payment Plan

  • No Interest Ever for the patient
  • DMA pays dentists upfront
  • DMA provides dentist with pre-qualified patients

Great for your patients

  • They can spread the cost of routine and high end dental treatments
  • Plans from $1,000 to $20,000 with fortnightly payments by the patient
  • You have time to provide them with preventive care and offer a wider choice of dental treatments
  • There are no interest fees incurred
  • A choice of dental payment plans to suit all their individual needs
  • Overall reduced cost of family dental care

DMA Founder:

“I love helping patients tackle their long-overdue dental needs but I was fed up with seeing how people couldn't afford to really get the care they needed. So I created an online platform to connect patients with dentists who are happy to let them pay for their dental care in interest free instalments.”

Dr Safa Souzani, Founder, DMA