An investment for you and your practice

Dental Members Australia has created a model — a tool — that builds a network of sustainable loyalty between dental practices and patients. It is a network that provides patients with choices about their dental care while giving them options to spread payment over interest-free instalments.

Dental Members Australia focuses on:

  • Building a bonded brand loyalty between patients and reputable dental practices
  • Building loyal relationships
  • Helping dental practices achieve sustainable competitive advantages
  • Creating monthly revenue through the DMA Care Plan
  • Providing payment plans through the DMA Treatment Plan
  • Helping dental practices deliver the ideal dental treatment to their patients
  • Helping dental practices maintain dominance without third party interferences
  • An extensive network where all interconnected members are referring more patients
  • Cutting-edge operating cloud software

DMA Dentist Brochure

(How It Works)

We encourage you to order a Dentist Information Pack and browse the Frequently Asked Questions and Testimonials to learn more about DMA services to help you decide if it suits your practice to Join DMA

For more information, please contact us on 1300 787 356 or email