Payment plans as unique as you and your practice

Dental Members Australia understands that communities lie at the heart of every successful dental practice. And a large, active community of patients translates into higher patient loyalty.

Dr Patrick McCallister | Springfield Lakes, QLD

Over a two-year period we had accumulated about two million dollars worth of incomplete treatment plans so we definitely needed to do something. I used a membership payment plan to build up my UK dental practices so I’d seen first hand the ongoing and predictable income that payment plans like DMA can provide.

Since introducing DMA our treatment plans’ acceptance rate has risen significantly and all five associates now have full schedules. My patients were delighted to have the option to spread payments out as it’s an easier way of managing the cost and for me this meant more completed treatment plans. Plus the DMA payment plan not only increases patient loyalty but it also improves their oral health. I’m very pleased with the results and highly recommend DMA to other dentists.

Dr Norris Feng | Chermside West, QLD

At a professional level it’s very satisfying because with the DMA Treatment Plan I can comfortably recommend ideal treatment plans and with the DMA Care Plan it’s a lot easier to encourage patients into routine preventive care programs. And at a personal level, with the regular monthly income now from DMA I can spend more time with my family.

Dr Safa Souzani | Springfield Lakes, QLD

After expanding and taking on more associates I needed a way to keep everyone busy, so I encouraged patients to join the monthly DMA Care Plan. So far it has worked amazingly and has provided my associates with a predictable monthly income stream that’s increasing every month.

By breaking dental treatment plans into weekly direct debits DMA encourages patients to come back, which rewards me with the sort of financial security I need in these uncertain times. Plus with the DMA cloud software technology all my associates can take full control of their patients’ payment plans. A DMA payment plan also frees me from the influence insurance companies can exert over fees nowadays. I am proud to be a DMA dentist helping my patients.

Dr Paul Rowe | Beenleigh, QLD

Over the years I’ve treated a lot of families who would’ve seriously benefited from an organised membership program like DMA. That’s because for a pretty small fee the Dental Care Membership Plan ensures no family member goes without a scale and clean. I’m just surprised we didn’t do this earlier.

Dr Erik Fung | QLD

By allowing me to confidently deliver treatment and also having patients actually want to come back for treatment, DMA has significantly boosted the growth of my practice.

My patients are happier and more loyal and my billing per hour for recall check-ups and hygiene visits is higher than ever. I can now spend more time on dentistry and less discussing fees. Plus because the website is really easy to use I now spend less time on paperwork and logistics and more time with my patients.