The real alternative to dental tourism –

The real alternative to dental tourism

Dental tourism has become popular with Australians wanting a cheaper fix but, as more people travel, there has been a corresponding rise in dental disasters or disappointments.

Of course some people do get good results at a low price but there is always a certain amount of risk in countries where health and hygiene standards are lower and materials are inferior.

Now there is a real alternative for spreading the cost of major dental work while making the most of the world-leading standards dental care we have in Australia.

Forget the long flights. Forget language barriers and uncertainty. Forget extended procedures in unfamiliar places or multiple trips for complex work.

You can stay close to home and spread the cost of your treatment with Dental Members Australia (DMA).

Over 25,000 Australians have joined the DMA Dental Treatment Plan, which makes spreading the cost simple with weekly payments. Our web-based platform puts your membership details at your fingertips, connects you to DMA dentists and streamlines administration.

DMA’s partner dentists are amongst the best in Australia and can handle everything from a single implant or crown to a major smile reconstruction.

You’ll still be paying a little more than in dental tourism destinations but you’ll hardly notice it spread over time - and you’ll be saving yourself worry, inconvenience and the real risk of things going wrong either while you’re far from home or a few months down the track.

Check out the two DMA plans: $99/week dental packages for extensive dental work $1/day Care Plan for preventive maintenance care.

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