Dental Group innovation eases financial pain for patients

Friday, 19 October 2012

Media Release

Dental Group innovation eases financial pain for patients

1300SMILES Limited has commenced rolling out interest-free payment solutions in all twenty-four of its dental practices, including its seven in Townsville, in partnership with Dental Members Australia (DMA). 1300SMILES has also taken a strategic stake in the growing Brisbane-based company. 1300SMILES patients will be some of the first in Australia able to pay for their dental care through DMA with small interest-free payments, designed to fit their budget.

DMA provides the only Australian dental plan that caters for all routine oral hygiene visits as well as high value treatments, offering patients interest-free dental solutions and discounted dental treatment. DMA is a membership-based solution. It makes the cost of dentistry more affordable for all Australians, and helps them to have access to ongoing preventative care. At the same time, it supports dentists to form the long-term relationships with patients which they need to be able to provide great treatment. 1300SMILES founder and Managing Director Dr. Daryl Holmes commented “The likes of Harvey Norman and Amazon and many others have been providing interest-free terms to their customers for ages, and now DMA provides an innovative way of bringing that concept to dentistry in Australia. DMA represents an exciting new chapter in the market, and 1300SMILES is excited to announce the 1300SMILES Care Plan and partner with DMA to take this Australia-wide.”

DMA director and founder Dr. Safa Souzani said “Dental disease is a highly preventable health condition, yet treatment is becoming more difficult for patients to afford. Patients shouldn’t have bill shock when they visit the dentist. DMA helps patients, and in turn dentists - everybody wins.” Founded and managed by practising dentists, both DMA and 1300SMILES have extensive experience in understanding the challenges facing patients and the dental industry overall. DMA is rolling out throughout Australia in 2013, with practices in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland the first to provide the DMA services for patients. ENDS 1

About Dental Members Australia Dental Members Australia is Australia’s leading payment plan and membership service for patients. Founded and run by dentists, DMA was created to make dentistry affordable for all Australians. The company offers unique memberships and payment plans which can be customized to best suit the needs of different dentists and their patients. The company has developed a world first proprietary software platform that allows real time treatment management and financial modelling for patients. DMA was founded by entrepreneur Safa Souzani, a dentist who continues to practice at his Brisbane practice in Springfield Lakes. About 1300SMILES

1300SMILES Ltd owns and operates full-service dental facilities at twenty-four sites, mainly in the ten major population centres in Queensland. The company continually seeks to expand its presence into other geographical areas throughout Australia. It does so both by establishing its own new operations and by acquiring existing dental practices. The administrative and corporate offices are in Townsville. 1300SMILES enables the delivery of services to patients by providing the use of dental surgeries, practice management and other services to self employed dentists who carry on their own dental practices. The services provided by the company allow the dentists to focus on the delivery of dental services rather than on the administrative aspects of carrying on their businesses. Media enquiries: Dr. Daryl Holmes 1300SMILES Ltd Tel: 07 47 201 300 Kerrin McNeil Dental Members Australia Mob: 0421 977 722