DMA Contact Center - $99/week Vouchers

October 14, 2015 Categories:

Jackie: Qualified Life Coach DMA Contact Centre Representative

People often ask me on the phone, “What do you get out of doing these dental vouchers?” The professional response is that Dental Members Australia receive a commission for connecting the patient to the dentist, the dentist gains a new patient and the patient gets their much needed dental treatment.

However the personal response is so much more than that. I often say how lucky I feel to be in a position where I can literally help impact peoples lives. Coming from a Coaching and health & fitness background my goal has always been to help people make positive changes through coaching, goal setting, nutrition and fitness. What I have realized over the years is the huge impact that physical appearance has over our feelings of self worth, confidence and how it can effect our everyday life in so many ways.

Many patients tell me their story on the phone and every day I am amazed by what the majority of callers are going through.

From losing their teeth in violent incidents, accidents on the farm and more often general neglect, people openly tell me that they need help. They share that they have been looking for a solution for month’s even years to: “Get their smile back”

“Go to a job interview and be able to look the person interviewing them in the eye” “Not be ashamed and embarrassed when talking to strangers” “Be able to laugh again” “Build their self esteem and feel beautiful” “Get help with 'the ladies' :)” “Have a Hollywood smile”

And I feel privileged to be able to offer them a solution to turn their lives around.

I love being part of the Dental Members Australia team because I believe that DMA comes from a really good place. They are opening a pathway to the public; to not only receive quality dental care at discounted rates, but with the added bonus of an interest free payment plan. DMA are breaking down barriers to help people to afford the care that they so desperately need. No longer will patients have to find thousands of dollars up front for dental treatment, instead they can budget and pay for their treatment over a number of months.

For those amongst us that getting our teeth fixed is our only option, the dental vouchers hold the key. It's true that some people use fear as a motivator however, as a coach I can tell you that most of us allow ourselves to give in to fear and the only thing that fear does is hold you back.

Yes it can be scary to commit to a weekly payment plan Yes it can be scary to put your faith in something that 'seems too good to be true' Yes it can be scary to allow yourself to believe that you can finally get the help you need here in Australia without having to pay for your treatment upfront or jump on a plane!

Yes it can be scary to believe after all this time that you can finally have the confidence to look people in the eye, be able to smile without fear of judgment, and as one patient told me, " To hear my kids say, look mummy knows how to smile again" However, I love the saying that, "You can't make a change to your life unless you are willing to make a change”

Dental Members Australia has now helped hundreds of people to get their smile back, get out of pain, gain confidence and self-esteem and even get that new job! Let them help you!