Proof that the world will beat a path to the dentist’s door

March 26, 2014 Categories: Case Study

You’ve probably heard the famous Emerson quote (actually a misquote) “If you build a better mousetrap, the world will beat a path to your door”. It tells us that somehow the world found out about better mousetraps (or candles or books or chairs) even before the days of TV advertising, Twitter and viral videos!

Something similar has been happening for Dental Members Australia (DMA) with news spreading incredibly fast in just 18 months since the innovative idea was introduced. Despite no huge marketing budget or advertising, the company has caused quite a stir and a lot of chatter, particularly in the Queensland dental market, where it was initially launched.

The dental community is catching on quickly and patients are excited about this totally new way to pay for their dental care.

Thousands of Queenslanders’ have already become members of DMA and, in many cases, patients are pushing their dentists to become part of it because they have heard of DMA through friends or family and want to join up.

What’s all the fuss about?

The unique DMA dental billing and patient care plan is changing how patients perceive going to the dentist. It’s breaking down barriers to regular preventative care and is putting more advanced dental and cosmetic treatments within reach for ordinary people.

With DMA membership, patients can organise, afford and plan for their essential dental care – and they can even use it in conjunction with their private health insurance. The software platform that underpins membership management also makes it simple for dentists to tailor practice-specific preventative care plans and individual patient treatment payment plans to suit their local community needs.

It’s hard to believe that dental care payment is suddenly such big news but it’s surely an idea whose time has come for Australia. More than ever before, we all want beautiful, healthy smiles and suddenly there’s a relatively painless way to pay.

Dentists can expect even more patients to come knocking as news spreads and DMA increases its activities! For DMA this is just the start. The company is continuing to develop the platform’s capabilities to transform oral health care and to create connected dental communities throughout Australia.

Why not check out DMA today and find out what the fuss is all about!